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Outsourcing and offshoring of business processes enhance operational efficiency and reduces the operating cost of an organization. Businesses also outsource their routine process to focus on the strategic objective and its execution. Signity Consultancy act as a strategic outsourcing partner to strengthen enterprise finance and accounts department for better cash flow management, enhanced collections, reduced reconciliation efforts, improved receivables, accurate & timely reporting and accelerated revenue cycle.

Our services encompass the entire finance and account value chain and provide customized outsourcing services.

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategize using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


Procure to Pay (PTP) services   

Procure-to-pay (PTP) is the process of integrating purchasing and accounts payable systems to create greater efficiencies in the organization. PTP mainly includes the issue of purchase requisition, the process of the purchase order, receipt of goods or services, record of supplier invoices, and process the payments for outstanding invoices.

PTP process can be divided into three broad phases:

  1. The Purchase Order Process, during which:

    • Purchase requisitions are created and approved

    • Vendors are evaluated and carefully selected

    • Purchase orders are issued for the required goods and services

  2. The Receiving of Goods or Services Process, during which:

    • Goods are received in store or warehouse or Services are rendered to the orgnaisation

    • For goods, receiving documents are reviewed and logged

    • For services, receiving department confirms that services are provided

  3. The Supplier Invoice Approval process, during which:

    • Invoices are received

    • Invoices are reconciled and cross-checked with related documents

    • Errors are recorded and corrected

    • Approved Invoices are paid

Key activities in the PTP domain

  • Vendor setup as per the organization policy and practice

  • Prepare purchase requisition

  • Create purchase orders

  • Verify, record and pay vendor invoices

  • Prepare payment plan and payment intimation

  • Recording of payments

  • Monthly reconciliation of suppliers balance

  • Employee claims – verification and payment assistance

Key benefits for outsourcing the PTP process

  • Improves Efficiency of Accounts Payable team - The team can focus on their core operations and adherence of internal control. Skilled personnel can be utilized for vital roles, rather than devoting time for repetitive data processing work. The Company can also reduce their recruitments to reduce fixed costs.

  • Leverage Technology - Workflow automation minimizes the time spent on manual process. Usually invoicing process is done manually, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. By configuring the PTP flow appropriately, the organization can eliminate the need for manual reporting and achieve faster cycle time.

  • Cost-Effective – Outsourcing ensures scalability resulting in cost savings and improves profitability.

  • Minimizes Business Risk – Outsourcing strictly works on maker & checker concept, which reduces the possibility of payment fraud.

  • Adherence to Service Level Agreement & measurement of Key Performance Indicators -  Accounts payable outsourcing partner adheres to service level agreements. The outsourcing partner also measures the agreed key performance indicators. The organizations are in a position to ensures strict implementation of internal control and timely reporting of key performance results.


Order to Cash refers to the set of business processes for receiving and processing customer sales orders for goods and services and recording of collections from the customers. These processes are the heart of all businesses and unless they are managed efficiently and accurately, organizations would not only face financial problems, but also reputational issues.

Activities in OTC domain 

  • Customer account setup as per the organization policy and practice

  • Prepare  sales order

  • Prepare delivery notes and customer invoices

  • Review – un-invoiced services provided/goods delivered

  • Prepare collection forecast

  • Follow up of amounts due from customers

  • Cash application to customer account

  • Daily reporting on unreconciled cash

  • Customer balance reconciliation

  • Debtors ageing and reconciliation

Benefits for outsourcing the OTC process 

  • Improves efficiency of the Accounts Receivable department

  • Reduces the average collection period

  • Improves working capital

  • Supports collection and receivable management

  • Ensures strict compliance of credit risk management

  • Reduces key employee focus on repetitive processes


Record to Report (RTR) is a Finance and Accounting (F&A) set of management process which involves collecting information or documents, recording and processing transactions, providing timely and accurate reports. Generate strategic, financial and operational reporting as per the management requirement. RTR supports the monthly closing and periodic reporting process.

Key activities in RTR domain

  • Review and finalize trial balance with the Company

  • Prepare and present monthly management reports

  • Variance Analysis with budget/comparative period

  • Assist management with preparation of budget

  • Prepare cash flow statements and forecasted cash flow

  • Bank reconciliation

Benefits for outsourcing the RTR process to Signity Consultancy

  • Reduces month-end closing cycle resulting in timely reporting to management

  • Standardization of process in different verticals across geographical locations

  • Establishes financial controls

  • A strategy for Business Continuity Planning


Key activities in FA domain:

  • Create the purchase order for capital expenditure

  • Record fixed assets as per the organization policy

  • Maintain the fixed asset register

  • Prepare capital expenditure report

  • Variance analysis of actual capital expenditure vs budget

  • Perform depreciation run and prepare a depreciation schedule

  • Preparation of fixed assets schedule


Organizations are putting their best efforts to acquire and retain the right talent. HRO services help clients to focus on strategic talent initiatives and outsource all transaction services. Our solutions include solution from the hiring of an employee to the retirement of the employee. These services encompass talent acquisition, staffing services, retention management through the industry-leading HR best practices, payroll management and reimbursement services.

Recruitment Services

  • Sourcing screening and selection

  • Pre-screening and final screening

  • Interview management

  • Service offer management

  • On-boarding orientation

  • Background reference check

People Management Services

  • Staffing services with people deployment as per client requirement

  • Employee records management

  • Leave record management

  • Dedicated employee help desk

  • 360-degree feedback

 Payroll Administration

  • Payroll processing

  • Employee reimbursements and incentives payment

  • GOSI filling activities

  • Year-end activities

  • Management reports

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