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Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into different areas of business, fundamentally changing the way organization operates using technology and create value for the customers. An organization need to continuously challenge the status quo and get accustomed to the emerging technologies which can be disruptive for the organisation business.

We support strategy, objectives and value chain of clients to enable digital transformation  as needed by the client.


Digital strategy consultant assesses the digital transformation need of the organization, formulates digital transformation plan and then implements the digital transformation process in the organization. Digital transformation is a dynamic transformation process, subject to continual modification and change management. To develop a dynamic digital transformation plan and make its successful execution, the organisation need an expert to makes the digital transformation a reality.

A digital strategist brings the following expertise to the organisation

  • Develops sustainable digital transformation

  • Customer relationship management tools - CRM

  • Set up an online platform for vendor management support service

  • Implement predictive analytics and business intelligence

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Digital payments

  • Digital signature and online approval process

  • Business continuity plan

  • Disaster recovery plan

  • Cyber Security

  • Cloud computing strategy


Business Analytics is an integrated process to use different statistical methods and technologies for analyzing data to gain new insight and improve strategic decision-making. Industry knowledge, advanced analytics and technology tools help clients to gather insights by bringing together the combined expertise of process improvements, data and analytics for driving tangible business growths.

  • Data Science – Data Science & analytics expertise encompasses several domains with customized solutions to derive best results for the clients. We bring together latest in Data Science techniques with leading business consulting skills to build models that provide insights and quantify the risks and benefits associated with the solution to complex problems.

  • Big Data Analytics – Most organizations contend with vast volumes of bytes of data every day, trying to figure out an information management strategy that accelerates the flow of insights. This process significantly complicates its big data solutions, increasing the cost of implementation and upkeep. Big Data Engineering services enable businesses to conceptualize and implement a well-thought-out big data program across multiple domains and emerging areas. We support our clients account for scale and platform readiness while developing Big Data Analytics to derive vision and value across all functionalities.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) – Business Intelligence refers to technologies, applications and its related functions for the collection, integration, analysis and presentation of business information. The objective of BI is to support better business decision making at all levels. Knowing more about business and market, and that too knowing faster and sooner than other, is the best way to gain a competitive advantage. But, to get there, the organization needs business analytics from enterprise-class BI solutions.  We believe a successful BI services strategy is delivering the right information to the right person at the right time to empower him to make a meaningful decision.

  • Digital Dashboards – Digital Dashboard is an electronic display & tracking tool used to build an interactive visual representation of data. The digital dashboard is derived from multiple sources, including Databases, CRM, ERP or other web services to monitor critical business metrics, KPI’s and overall company’s performance. Digital Dashboard is an optimized way to gain insights into an organization’s operation and performance on a real time basis.

We can provide a variety of reporting capabilities to deliver information to end-users quickly and in multiple formats for improved decision making. We offer Reporting and Dashboard competencies to give the users the ability to understand performance better and identify potential bottlenecks.


In the current digital arena, where desired information is available at one’s fingertips and accessible from anywhere at any time, data privacy and protection stand at great risk. Next-generation cybersecurity encompasses a holistic approach – detection, prevention and remediation.

The importance of cybersecurity is many folds increased as employees are working from home on organization database & ERP, due to political unrest, pandemics, strike etc.

We support our clients strengthen their cybersecurity round the clock with our state of art solutions, facilitating in setting up security protocols to identify potential incidents with preventive actions right in time effectively.


Cloud Computing is a model for enabling, on-demand networked access to a shared pool of computing resources – network/bandwidth, servers, storage, applications, services etc. It refers to computing power in all its totality or specified components (infrastructure, platform or service) being offered in the cloud as a utility to users, to be paid by the meter on a consumption basis.

Some of the most common benefits of cloud include reducing cost, increasing security, expanding global reach and accelerating innovation in IT infrastructure.

Signity, with its structured approach, helps clients, in identify and access the right cloud model, component and applications that are apt for the cloud environment. We engage with the customers to understand and analyze the existing infrastructure and provide a comprehensive view of the architectural roadmap, cost-effective options, cloud strategy, integration challenges and cloud security.


Today’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), being an integrated system, are robust tools that drive business success. ERP offers integrated management of core business applications and processes across all areas of the enterprise including Finance, Sales & Distribution, HR, Material Management and many more.

Signity Consultancy offers an extensive range of ERP solutions, particularly in advisory, implementation, testing, integration and support to help optimize business processes, drive efficiency, reduce cost, manage risk and drive growth. As an expert in ERP, we are committed in the true unhiding potential of ERP to organizations with end to end support.

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